Jennifer Garner

Experience: Coached for 10 years

College Attended: University of Arkansas

Career: Electrical Engineer

Hi! My name is Jennifer Garner and this is my 7th year coaching Diva Force. My involvement in FIRST began 11 years ago with FLL. Over the years, I have coached and mentored FLL, FTC, and FRC. One of the reasons I love coaching so much is the look of pure joy on their face throughout their whole learning experience! 

Curtis morris

Experience: Coached for 3 years

College Attended: University of Arkansas

Career: Museum Curator

I am Curtis Morris and this is my 4th year of coaching the team. I have watched my daughter's team for 7 years now at both FLL and FTC. I believe that FIRST teaches young adults real-world skills.

Braden Meredith

Experience: 1 year of FTC

Job:  Engineering Notebook

College: Baylor

Dream Job: Physical Therapist

Hi! My name is Braden Meredith. Robotics helped me so much even though I was only in it for a year. I go to Baylor University where I am studying to become a physical therapist. 


Diva Force

FTC 8373